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86 in stock

Suppress stress and find peace in overwhelming moments. Kanabo Relax VapePod helps to regulate stress by promoting mental clarity and relaxation. This pod offers a confidence boost in daunting moments.

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KANABO+ Relax vape is perfect for moments when you need to take a step back from the action and look after yourself with some me time.

It could be easing stress levels before an interview, finding peace after a hard and stressful day, or calming social anxieties and boosting confidence before big events.

Three to five 1.2mg doses, accurately delivered three times a day, by the VapePod, can make all the difference.

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Suppress stress and find peace in overwhelming moments.

How to use KANABO+ CBD?

Kanabo CBD oils come in preloaded, sealed pods.

To insert them into the VapePod+ simply drop the metal end into the top of the device and let the inbuilt magnet click the pod into place. The coloured end should protrude from the top.

The VapePod+ is an automatic device, which activates when inhalation begins. Haptic feedback vibrations are used to signal the dose being delivered, stopping once complete.

Please note, Kanabo CBD oils are only compatible with the Kanabo VapePod+ device. This is to ensure user safety, guarantee the right dosage, and deliver the highest-quality experience.

What's in a KANABO+ Relax?

  • 0.5ml CCELL Pod cartridge
  • 360 mg CBD
  • 78% CBD + Minor Cannabinoids = 80% Total Cannabinoids
  • Pure Hemp Distillate
  • No Fillers or Diluents such as PG, VG, or MCT oil
  • Natural Hemp Terpenes
  • Vegan Friendly

Kanabo Relax: The Ultimate Relax Vape Experience

At BRITISH CANNABIS, we’re delighted to introduce Kanabo Relax, a premium relax vape designed to redefine your relaxation and stress management.

For just £39.99, experience the epitome of tranquility and mental clarity, a testament to our commitment to bringing you superior wellness solutions.

Why Kanabo Relax is Your New Wellness Ally

Crafted for those moments that demand a breather, Kanabo Relax is not just any relax vape. Each 0.5ml pod cartridge contains a potent blend of 78% CBD, offering around 300 doses of serene bliss.

Designed for compatibility with the VapePod, it ensures precise delivery of three to five 1.2mg doses throughout your day.

Elevate Your Peace, On Your Terms

Life’s pressures require a reliable escape. Kanabo Relax steps in to ease stress, boost mental clarity, and enhance confidence during those critical moments.

Whether it’s prepping for an important event, unwinding after a long day, or simply seeking a peaceful moment, Kanabo Relax is your go-to.

Exceptional Service, Uncompromised Quality

BRITISH CANNABIS goes the extra mile with free 48-hour shipping for orders £49 and above and guarantees same-day dispatch for orders placed before 2pm BST (Mon-Fri).

Embrace convenience without sacrificing the quality you deserve.

A Commitment to Safety and Excellence

Our dedication to your well-being is paramount. The Kanabo Relax vape is carefully curated for adults over 18, reinforcing our pledge towards responsible consumption and safety.

Remember, our products are crafted to complement your wellness routine, not replace medical treatments.

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