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Looking to grow your business and expand awareness of your brand? Our innovative and unique CBD products are available to your business on white label, and private label opportunities.

Like many CBD brands currently in the market, who are utilising our white label services, you too could easily add your branding to an exceptional product that you can trust.

Our simple pricing model and expert consultancy services provide you with the opportunity to bring a new product to market, at a low entry cost, with minimal risk and provides you with the time to concentrate on launching your brand, delivering sales and profits from day one without all the hard work

We’ll take care of the product development and manufacturing, you take care of the rest. It’s that easy.

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UK's Top Cannabis Scientists,
Working with You

By working with British Cannabis, you are able to work with the UK’s leading cannabis chemists on the development of your product.

We will work alongside you to develop your products, guided by our expert team. The product development process is headed up by our Product Development Chemist and assisted with any technical and analytical tasks by our Head Chemist, Extraction Manager and Analytical team.

We are unique in our position to offer you access to our expert knowledge that will enable you to come to market with a compliant, stable, consistent and most importantly a reliable and scalable supply chain that will give your business the potential to succeed.


You can decide what you want, as each product has many variables. We put you in the driving seat and enable you to create unique new to market formulations, to give you the edge on your competitors.

We have developed an industry leading extraction and formulation technologies; by deconstructing the compounds found within cannabis, we can reintroduce or remove anything you require at a molecular level.

Custom Terpene Profiles

Terpenes have hundreds of health benefits, and the scope of their synergy with cannabis and cannabinoids is well reported.

We can replicate real cannabis terpene profiles and have developed own 100% cannabis based fruity flavours such as: Lemon Kush, Grand Daddy, Purple Haze, Skunk No’1.

Great Designs, Start with Even Better Stories

You bring the ideas, we do the rest. With our inhouse team of graphic designers and branding experts, we take the hard work out of the creative process. We can take your design, print your boxes and labels.

There’s no need to worry about branding regulations as we offer full complementary guidance and regulatory advice. We make sure you know the regulations that apply to you and ensure your products along with the educational material does not violate Novel Food Guidelines or EFSA regulations.

It’s a complex market, and it’s easy to make mistakes that can end up costing you a lot of money. Our expertise will help you avoid this and guide you through the whole process.

Opportunities Don't Just Happen, You Create Them.

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