PhytoVista Laboratories: The Gold Standard in Cannabis Testing

Step into the forefront of cannabis testing with PhytoVista Laboratories, the beacon of quality and trust on the British Cannabis website.

Why Choose PhytoVista Laboratories?

Prestigious Accreditation

PhytoVista a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 20213. The UKAS accreditation isn’t just a badge, it’s a testament to stringent quality standards and precision. PhytoVista Laboratories is recognised for its commitment to unparalleled testing standards.

Comprehensive Testing Abilities

PhytoVista Laboratories extends its capabilities beyond just CBD. They’re empowered to test both CBD and medicinal cannabis, ensuring a comprehensive analysis for a broad spectrum of products.

Price Assurance

As part of PhytoVista’s unwavering commitment to its clientele, they offer a competitive pricing guarantee. Find a comparable service elsewhere at a more competitive rate? PhytoVista promises to match or better it.

Unrivalled Testing Services

Cannabinoid Profiling

Whether through HPLC-UV or LC-MS/MS methods, PhytoVista Laboratories refines the testing approach to the specificities of each product. Covered by UKAS testing accreditation No. 20213

Stability and Shelf-life Assessments 

Ensuring product longevity and maintaining quality standards, PhytoVista Laboratories simulates diverse environmental conditions for stability evaluations.

Content Analysis

For a comprehensive understanding of product content, trust none other than PhytoVista Laboratories.

A Testament to Excellence

Cannabis product types are diverse, ranging from Vape Oils, E-liquids, Isolates, and the much-sought-after Gummies to Medicinal Cannabis. In every domain, PhytoVista Laboratories stands tall, delivering precision. Their clientele echoes this sentiment:

“Unwavering in quality, relentless in precision. That’s PhytoVista Laboratories for me.” – Zoe O.

“PhytoVista’s expertise is unparalleled, a true game-changer!” – Bernadette Fusco

Trust, transparency, and transformation – all synonymous with PhytoVista Laboratories.” – Zuber Ali

Commitment to the Cannabis Industry

PhytoVista Laboratories is more than a testing facility; it’s a pillar of support for retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. With a deep understanding of cannabis regulations, impeccable customer service, and swift turnaround times, they are an irreplaceable ally

Elevate Your Cannabis Products with PhytoVista Laboratories


In the ever-evolving world of cannabis, there’s no room for second best. With PhytoVista Laboratories, you’re not just choosing a service; you’re opting for excellence.

Make a choice that defines your brand’s future.

Engage with PhytoVista Laboratories today and lead the cannabis market with pride and precision.


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