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Your ultimate guide to buying CBD with TV’s health campaigner, Dr. Christian Jessen. In an exclusive partnership with BRITISH CANNABIS™.

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Hemp Oil For Dogs

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Why Choose CBD For Dogs? - BRITISH CANNABIS® Buyers Guide

Exploring the natural benefits of CBD for your furry friend can lead to significant improvements in their quality of life.

Derived from the hemp plant, CBD offers a holistic approach to addressing a variety of health concerns. Here’s how it can help:

Hemp For Dogs
Hemp For Dogs

Benefits of CBD for Dogs

  • Anxiety Relief

    Backed by the Research in Veterinary Science CBD has been shown to help reduce anxiety and stress in dogs, making it ideal for those with separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms, or sensitivity to loud noises. 
    The study acknowledges the existing gaps in the literature, especially concerning the therapeutic use of CBD in cats, and emphasizes the need for systematic, randomized, and controlled trials to validate CBD’s effectiveness in anxiety management, pain management, and anti-inflammatory properties in companion animals.

  • Pain Management

    The study of Frontiers in Veterinary Science investigated how a special hemp oil high in CBD (a substance from the hemp plant) can help dogs with arthritis feel better.
    The researchers gave some dogs this CBD oil and others a fake oil to see if there was a difference.
    They found out that the dogs taking the CBD oil had less pain and could move around more easily.
    They also checked to see if the oil caused any problems for the dogs, like making them feel sick, but didn’t find any serious side effects.
    However, some dogs showed higher levels of liver enzyme, which means the researchers think it’s a good idea to watch how the liver is doing if a dog is taking this oil for a long time.
    In short, giving dogs with arthritis CBD oil twice a day could make them more comfortable and active, without causing harmful side effects.

  • Overall Well-being

    Regular use of CBD can contribute to a balanced endocannabinoid system, supporting essential bodily functions including mood regulation, immune response, and neurological health.

Why BRITISH CANNABIS® Stands Out in the Pack

Choosing the right CBD for your beloved dog is crucial. Here’s why BRITISH CANNABIS® is the top pick for pet parents:

🌿 Unmatched Quality:

Only the best for your pet. Our CBD is extracted from organically grown hemp, ensuring every bottle is pure, potent, and free of any nasties.

🐕 Tail-Wagging Selection:

Whether your dog loves treats or prefers oils, we’ve got you covered. Our range is designed to suit every pup’s taste and needs.

🔬 Rigorously Tested:

Safety first! Every product is third-party lab tested, so you can trust what you’re giving your furry friend.

💚 Pet Parent Approved:

Join a community of happy pet parents who’ve seen the difference. Our reviews speak volumes of the lives we’ve touched.

With BRITISH CANNABIS®, it’s not just about CBD Products. It’s about giving your dog the vibrant, joyful life they deserve. Discover the difference today and step into a world where your pet’s wellness is our priority.

Finding Your Dog's CBD Match with BRITISH CANNABIS®

Choosing the right CBD for your furry friend is easy as fetch with our help:

🌟 Start Small, Think Big

Begin their CBD journey with a small dose. Watch how they respond and adjust as needed. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where they feel just right.

🐶 Tailored to Fit

Large pup or small, active or couch potato, we have something for every type of dog. Oils, treats, or topicals? We’ll help you pick the perfect fit. Check our dog size guidance here.

🤝 Expert Guidance a Wag Away

Our customer care isn’t just friendly; it’s knowledgeable. Stuck or have questions? Reach out! We’re here to ensure your pet gets the care they deserve.

With BRITISH CANNABIS®, You’re Never Alone on your pet’s CBD journey. Let’s make their wellness routine something they wag about. Ready to find their perfect product? Dive in with us!

Celebrating Success: Your Dogs and BRITISH CANNABIS®

Hearing your stories lights up our world. Discover how CBD from BRITISH CANNABIS® has transformed the lives of dogs across the UK:

  • Joyful Journeys: From anxious pups finding calm to seniors regaining their spring, your success stories inspire us. Each tale is a testament to the power of CBD and the love you have for your pets.
  • Shared Experiences, Shared Success: Your stories aren’t just heartwarming; they’re illuminating. They guide new members of our community as they begin their own CBD adventures with their furry friends.
  • Speak Up: Got a story to share? We’re all ears! Your experience could be the beacon that guides another pet owner to the perfect solution for their companion.

Join the Chorus of Happy Pet Parents at BRITISH CANNABIS®. Together, let’s celebrate every wag, every nuzzle, and every leap made better with a little help from CBD.

Embark on a Journey to Wellness with Your Best Friend Today

Dive into the world of BRITISH CANNABIS® CBD for dogs and discover how our carefully crafted products can bring joy, health, and balance to your pet’s life.

Each drop of our CBD oil, every bite of our treats, and every application of our topicals is a step towards a happier, healthier companion.

Explore Our Range: Browse our selection of premium CBD products tailored for dogs of all sizes and needs.

Whether you’re seeking relief for anxiety, pain management, or general wellness, we have the perfect solution for your furry friend.

Need Guidance?: Our dedicated customer care team is here to help you navigate the options and find the ideal match for your dog’s unique requirements.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for personalized advice that’s as caring and thoughtful as you are towards your pet.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: At BRITISH CANNABIS®, we stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our products with a satisfaction guarantee.

Your peace of mind is our top priority, and we’re committed to ensuring you and your pet love our CBD as much as we do.

Join the BRITISH CANNABIS® Family: Click [here] to start your pet’s journey to wellness.

Because they’re not just pets—they’re family, and they deserve the very best.

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