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We serve consumer and pharma brands in the state, national, and international markets with CBD products at the potency and quality that’s demanded by discerning consumers. Our products are extracted via our on-site extraction team, using organically grown biomass. We welcome you, our customers and partners, to tour all areas of our facility and meet the extraction team. Contact us for more details about our white label CBD offers.

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What is White Label?

A white label product is a product that’s produced by a manufacturer, like us, but rebrand it as your own. This lets you take our successfully proven CBD products, and brand them as your own. You rely on the expertise of us, your manufacturing partner, and save on the research and development necessary for creating a custom product formulation.

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New! Non-Novel CBD Opportunities

The adoption of this traditional method of extraction enables us (and now you) to bring to market a compliant, non-novel, whole plant CBD range without limitations.

Non-Novel CBD Oils 10ml

These whole plant CBD oils are packed with naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, phenols, vitamins, and minerals. Available in 2.5% and 5% CBD concentrations.

Non-Novel CBD Gummies

These sugar-free, vegan jelly domes deliver a plethora of whole plant cannabinoid goodness. Subtly flavoured with floral lime undertones.

Non-Novel CBD Oral Capsules

Each capsule delivers 10mg of finely milled all natural CBD plant material. Great for on-the-go use and to accompany your existing CBD supplement routine.

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Be powered by BRITISH CANNABIS™ White Label CBD

With over 400 brands and 1000's of products now powered by us, we produce for some of the UK's largest companies.

Super Premium 100% Cannabis Oil​

These super-premium oils are available in a luxurious natural tasting, golden, refined form or a smooth RAW cannabis oil; encompassing even more cannabis compounds, RAW oils are darker in colour and bring a rich cannabis flavour profile.​

Pure Refined & Raw CBD Cannabis Oil​​

Premium cannabis oils, containing all of our years of BRITISH CANNABIS™ know-how. Available in four high-strength CBD variants and produced in 30ml bottles; this refined oil formula delivers an easy taste, yet with all of the Cannabis sativa L. benefits still intact.

Flavoured MCT CBD Oils

Affordable oils made easy-to-use, via the application of a 30ml spray cap bottle. Available in various delicious flavours crafted from cannabis terpenes and natural fruit extracts.

Oral Cannabis Capsules​

Slow-release CBD cannabis capsules are made from 100% specifically bred cannabis plants containing highly potent cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabis terpenes. No fillers or synthetic compounds. These are 100% natural and 100% cannabis.​

Clinically Proven CBD Cosmetic Cream​

Our BRITISH CANNABIS™ Cosmetic Cream was the first clinically trialled cannabis cosmetic in the UK. This award-winning, best-in-class formula delivers a targeted, topically applied, dose of CBD to almost any skin area.

CBD Dermal Patches​

These premium, clinically tested dermal patches feature a high-strength 50mg of CBD and an infusion of body-heat-activated cannabis terpenes and essential oils. Targeting CBD directly to any part of the body, our patches essential aromas can last for up 24 hours.

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Discover more BRITISH CANNABIS™ services such as bulk CBD ingredients, wholesale opportunities and analytical resources.

Bulk CBD Ingredients

Bulk CBD ingredients for use in foods, cosmetics and medicinal applications. ​


We are committed to the development of long, and successful, term relationships with our trade partners. ​


Providing cannabis analytical services for UK CBD brands and the wider food industry. ​

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