We have always said “We Know More, Because We do More”. But what does BRITISH CANNABIS ACTUALLY DO? 


After pioneering the legal cannabis and CBD industry back in 2015 BRITISH CANNABIS has left no stone unturned. Our long term success could only be secured through building a robust structured organisation, that was not just a shooting star that fades as quickly as it appeared, but a lasting establishment that our customers can depend on for years to come.


The key to our success was exactly what BRISTISH CANNABIS has achieved. Just like our products are more than just CBD, our organisation is more than just a brand. We have achieve this by doing more, than is ever necessary, just to generate revenues.  


 Our revenues are just the result, not the reason we exist. 


We exist to continue to build on our Knowledge, or understanding and expertise which we have

Amassed over the last 6 years, Growing, extracting, analysing , studying, manufacturing and demonstrating our regulatory compliance,


We have continued to secure the future market of CBD for users by being a key factor in influencing regulatory direction
We have demonstrated that quality is never an accident, it is only the result of intelligent actions



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