UK CBD Product Analysis

Our dedicated testing facility in the South East of England have researched and developed a testing method specifically for the most accurate quotative analysis of CBD products to date. Using state-of-the-art chromatography equipment to separate, identify and quantify each component, or cannabinoid at low levels (parts/million).

There is no other testing facility that currently provides you with a method to test a final product and quantify the exact amount in milligrams, ensuring your products – or the products – you buy contain the correct amount of CBD stated in the product.

Accurate analysis is essential to ensure that products are correctly advertised and compliant with The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations, specifically these regulations require you to describe your product accurately. This means if you make a claim about your product, you must be able to prove what you say.

Test for CBD the Right Way

Cannabis testing has always been developed to test for the percentage of cannabinoids in the plant material, this method was more than adequate to define the percentage of material that composed of the cannabinoid content. So why does this not work for CBD products like oils, capsules and the many new products that are coming to market?

Analysis of cannabinoids by percentage does not provide you with a precise result for the milligram (mg) content of a product. Many consider a 10ml bottle with 5% CBD oil to contain 500mg of CBD per ml. As its assumed that 1 millilitre is equal to 1 gram or 1g/cm3. However, as the volumetric mass density of oil is approximately 0.93g/cm3, a 10ml bottle containing 5% CBD would actually only contain 465mg of CBD.

Our testing methods quantify the exact volumetric density of a product and provide an exact level of CBD on the certificate of analysis, unlike any other testing service available. This testing method was designed for final products, not raw material and provides business and consumers with the clearest provenance of a products potency and legitimacy to date.

It’s essential to ensure products contain what they are advertised to contain. If you make a claim about the milligram (mg) of content of your product, you must be able to prove what you claim. If you do not comply with these legal regulations, you could be prosecuted and fined.