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Kanabo Relax is perfect for moments when you need to take a step back from the action and look after yourself with some me time.

It could be easing stress levels before an interview, finding peace after a hard and stressful day, or calming social anxieties and boosting confidence before big events.

Three to five 1.2mg doses, accurately delivered three times a day, by the VapePod, can make all the difference.

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Discover the essence of wellness with Kanabo+ CBD at BRITISH CANNABIS®, a leading vape devices designed for tranquillity and focus. Our VapePod+ system and organic CBD pods offer a targeted, stress-relieving experience.

Ideal for those seeking a seamless integration of CBD into their lives, Kanabo+ embodies safety, simplicity, and efficacy. Elevate your wellness routine with the premier choice in vape devices.

Kanabo Bundles Vape Devices

Embrace Calm, Elevate Your Moments: The Ultimate Vape Device for Serenity

How to use KANABO+ CBD?

Kanabo CBD oils come in preloaded, sealed pods. 

To insert them into the VapePod+ simply drop the metal end into the top of the device and let the inbuilt magnet click the pod into place. The coloured end should protrude from the top. 

The VapePod+ is an automatic device, which activates when inhalation begins. Haptic feedback vibrations are used to signal the dose being delivered, stopping once complete. 

Please note, Kanabo CBD oils are only compatible with the Kanabo VapePod+ device. This is to ensure user safety, guarantee the right dosage, and deliver the highest-quality experience.

What's in a KANABO+ Relax?

  • 0.5ml CCELL Pod cartridge
  • 360 mg CBD
  • 78% CBD + Minor Cannabinoids = 80% Total Cannabinoids
  • Pure Hemp Distillate
  • No Fillers or Diluents such as PG, VG, or MCT oil
  • Natural Hemp Terpenes
  • Vegan Friendly

Unlock Relaxation with Our Leading Vape Devices

Discover the transformative power of Kanabo+ CBD, the ultimate solution in your wellness journey.

Kanabo+ CBD redefines relaxation and focus, offering a discreet, efficient, and safe way to enhance your daily routine.

Ease of Use

Kanabo+ CBD revolutionizes the way you experience CBD with its user-friendly VapePod+ device. Simply insert the preloaded pod, with the metal end first, into the device and let the built-in magnet secure it in place.

Begin inhalation, and the device will automatically activate, providing haptic feedback vibrations to signal the delivery of the precise dose, ensuring an effortless and controlled experience.

Customized Experience

Understanding that wellness is a personal journey, Kanabo+ CBD offers the flexibility to cater to your unique needs.

While the optimal usage involves 3-5 inhalations up to three times a day, we encourage you to adjust this based on your response to the product.

This tailored approach helps manage situations that demand focus or calm, without exceeding 30 inhalations in a 24-hour period, promoting balance and enjoyment in every puff.

Safety and Quality

Safety and quality are at the heart of Kanabo+ CBD. Our commitment to these principles is evident in our use of 100% organic ingredients, compliance with EU-GMP standards, and our exclusive compatibility with the Kanabo+ VapePod+ device.

This dedication ensures a safe, high-quality experience with every use, maximizing the bioavailability of CBD for effective absorption and benefits.

Who Can Benefit?

Suitable for individuals 18 and over seeking to enhance their wellness routine, Kanabo+ CBD is backed by over a decade of research and development. Our all-natural formulas offer a pure CBD experience, providing fast-acting, discreet support without the high, ensuring clarity and relief in your busy lifestyle.

Embrace the purity, safety, and innovation of Kanabo+ CBD – your partner in navigating the complexities of everyday life with ease and confidence.

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