Important Information Regarding Canabidol® CBD Oil Products Available in Pharmacies

Photograph differentiating between Official Canabidol® 500mg CBD packaging and Canidol 500mg CBD oil packaging.

Consumers and pharmacists confused into thinking that CBD oil products bearing a resemblance to Canabidol® are the genuine products, or are made by Canabidol® brand owner.

Following the recent Pharmacy Show at Birmingham’s NEC and various reports from consumers and pharmacists, it has come to our attention that many resellers and users of official Canabidol® CBD oil products may have come to believe that a competing brand, is an official Canabidol® CBD oil product in new packaging. The circumstances surrounding these matters are in the hands of Canabidol’s legal representatives. At this time we are unable to comment on any contemplated legal proceedings further.

Given the level of confusion that we are now aware of we thought it essential that we make a public statement of fact in relation to our products. We want to make it perfectly clear that we are not associated with the Canabidol CBD oil brand.

Official Canabidol® CBD Oil products

  • Official Canabidol® products are only produced by BRITISH CANNABIS® the largest grower, processor and manufacturer of consumer cannabis products in the UK.
  • Official Canabidol® products have not undergone any rebranding or packaging change.
  • Official Canabidol® products are only available direct from us the manufacturer or our sole pharmacy distributor in the UK, Murrays Health & Beauty (Paul Murray Plc).
  • Agents supplying Canabidol are not employees or agents for Official Canabidol® products.

Canabidol CBD Oil products

  • Canabidol products are not produced by BRITISH CANNABIS®.
  • Canidol CBD oil products have never been authorised to use the Canabidol® trademark.
  • Canabidol boxed products that have Canabidol® products inside are not authorised by us. We cannot guarantee the origin, quality or safety of these products.

CBD Wellness, and J and J.G. Dickson and Son Limited (t/a Dickson Chemists)

  • We terminated supply to these companies in July 2019 following concerns regarding interference with official Canabidol® CBD oil products.

For the avoidance of doubt we would like to make it absolutely clear that Canabidol products are not produced by us, not certified by us and have no association with official Canabidol® products produced by BRITISH CANNABIS®.

If you have been stocking official Canabidol® products and have been informed that Canabidol® products have been rebranded as Canabidol products, please contact us immediately.

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