Bear State CBD Beverages and CBD Extract

Any good drinks brand that seeks a point of difference by being a CBD beverages, needs a great CBD extract ingredient. As EU laws prevent CBD isolate from being used in drinks (as that would class the drink as being a ‘Novel Food’) then a quality water-soluble CBD solution, made from natural EU hemp-plant CBD extract, is essential.

Born out of sunny Los Angeles, California in 2014, the Bear State range of oral sprays, tinctures, drinks and more, was designed for those seeking a healthy lifestyle, with essential products infused with CBD extract for everyday life.

Available in a variety of flavours and strengths, Bear State CBD products are great for those who like to use CBD extract but aren’t a fan of the natural, earthy flavour.

Particularly, the 2018-launched beverage range of Bear State drinks comes in four flavours, each available in 330ml cans with 10mg of full-spectrum CBD and in great-value 330ml bottles with 20mg of CBD, using the unique proprietary water-soluble CBD extract, created by BRITISH CANNABIS®.

In early 2019, a partnership was formed to bring the Bear State brand to the UK’s rapidly growing CBD market. John McLeish, CEO of brand-owners, Worldwide Suppliers, comments that finding a supplier of pharmacy-quality raw CBD product which would enable European production of this until-then-American brand was not as straightforward as he first hoped:

“Some of the so-called manufacturing companies (who pitched for the UK launch business) were claiming to have their own office and manufacturing premises, yet not one of them would entertain meetings at these so-called premises!

The 100% EU-compliant raw material supplied by BRITISH CANNABIS® has consistently proven to be the best quality and value for money. Their enthusiasm for genuine, innovative, accurate products has taken a great weight off our minds when launching Bear State here in here UK.”

Dan Hounsham of BRITISH CANNABIS® explains “We are committed to giving companies and brands of all sizes continuous access to the highest quality CBD ingredients”. Having developed a 100% compliant liposomal water-soluble suspension, British Cannabis is proving to be the manufacturer of choice within the Food and Beverage sector. Hounsham adds “John and Bear State were one of the earliest adopters of our water-soluble CBD extract, entrusting us to deliver a stable product time after time. We are delighted to have been their CBD partner and look forward to continuing to support John and the team with their innovations”.

Bear State Soft Drinks CBD beverages made with Water-soluble CBD extract
In order to try the only CBD beverage available in the UK made with pure, EU-compliant water-soluble CBD extract (and not from US isolate), Bear State are delighted to welcome you to ‘the State of Wellbeing’ when you visit or visit any of the online retailers where Bear State oils and CBD beverages are sold.

As a producer of consumer CBD brands with 6 years of industry experience, John McLeish has advice for anyone looking for the same level of success in bringing a CBD brand to market:

 “I would certainly do my homework and learn as much as I possibly can on cannabinoids and compliant products. Attend exhibitions and learn what people in the CBD industry are saying to you. Do not under any circumstances go for the cheapest commodities on the market – it will not pay dividends long-term and could lead to a non-compliant product that doesn’t contain or do what your consumer expects.

The BRITISH CANNABIS® team and I met by a stroke of good luck and over the past couple of years they have built up trust in both of their team members and their products. It was essential that I was able to trust them to deliver.”


For more details and advice on how to set up your own CBD product success, contact the BRITISH CANNABIS® team at +44 (0) 203 9652 420, or drop us an email to

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