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5 Years of reinvested profits has seen us amass significant resources and assets. From our multiple UK and EU facilities. To our arsenal of state-of-the-art equipment that covers labs, extraction, manufacturing and growing

In addition to our significant reputation and goodwill that sees us already as the leading authority on cannabis in the UK. To our customers list, proprietary methods and intellectual property

We have already made the best investment choice in investing in ourselves, unparalleled in in the industry we have built the foundation for success

UK Head Office

Strategically based in Royal Berkshire with close links to central London. We have been located here since 2015 and at our current HQ building since 2019. A recent expansion has seen us acquire a second property on the same site for 2022 to accommodate the growth of our Scientific and research division of BRITISH CANNABIS

UK Manufacturing Facility

Located a stones throw from our headquarters, our within the same site as our headquarters. Now with the capacity to meet the needs of the entire UK market, our continued investment has seen the installation of new cleanrooms and GMP lines that cover both cosmetics and foods.

UK Laboratories and Testing Facility

2022 see our UK laboratories move to a brand new state of the art facility after being located at our original manufacturing facility for the last 4 years. With dedicated clean rooms designed specifically for the launch of our BRITISH CANNABIS analytics division. This will see third party companies being able to utilise the years of expertise we have amassed in the analytical quantification of cannabinoids.

EU Growing Facility

the growing facility has been operating for 3 years. Self funded the facility was built from the ground up. A dedicated growing facility located in Portugal, we have developed growing methods, phenotype selection and every aspect of creating premium CBD flower from seed to finished material. Indoor, outdoor, germination, cloning, lighting, extraction, pest control, climatic control and irrigation. We do it all.

EU Extraction Facility

After 5 Years in the UK producing and developing our own proprietary cryogenic ethanol extraction method in addition to developing methods and technology to remove THC. Short Path distillation, Thin film molecular distillation and multiple proprietary non novel methods of cannabis phytochemical extraction. Our extraction capabilities are currently relocating to our newly refurbished dedicated facility in Europe to enable us to expand and further our capacity.


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