Breaking News: UK in Dire Need of Medical Cannabis Education, Reveals 2023 National Survey

In a groundbreaking report launched in June 2023, a whopping 50.2%—29.6 million—of UK adults are eligible for Medical Cannabis, but shocking ignorance and stigmatization on the subject continue to pose a massive barrier.

Key Findings:

  • Half of the UK adults are suffering from at least one condition that could be alleviated by medical cannabis.
  • Over 70% of those who suffer would consider medical cannabis use if recommended by their doctor.
  • An alarming 34.77% still believe that medical cannabis is criminalized in the UK.
  • Fears of societal stigma and perceived illegality deter its use in many prospective patients.
  • Around 25% have used cannabis for medicinal reasons without a prescription.

What BRITISH CANNABIS™ has to say:

Educating the public on the potential benefits and legality of medical cannabis is crucial in de-stigmatizing its use. We believe that increased access could alleviate the health suffering of many.

Diving deep into the situation, the survey discovered a staggering array of health conditions that could benefit from the medical application of cannabis, including chronic pain, depression, Multiple Sclerosis, PTSD, ADHD, and anxiety. However, the stigma attached to cannabis has eclipsed its virtues, leaving potential beneficiaries in the dark about the relief they could be experiencing.

Despite the colossal number of potential patients, the findings shine a stark light on the grim reality that a mere 0.48% of the survey participants were actively receiving the prescription they needed. An astounding 16.5 million UK adults are still under a misguided impression that medical cannabis is illegal, causing a serious gap in awareness and a smear in the societal perception of cannabis.

In the face of all these challenges, the silver lining is that 83.71% of respondents acknowledged the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis, indicating the potential for growth in its acceptance.

Whilst the general acceptance of medical cannabis teeters around the 40% mark, the data shows that stigma and fear of social condemnation make prospective patients hesitant. An estimated one in four indicated that they would perceive cannabis use, even if recommended by a professional, as implicitly illegal.

Intriguingly, approximately 17.08% of those who used cannabis without a prescription reported that it was intended to elevate their mood, while 16.58% treated specific conditions, and 13.59% sought to ease their pain. An encouraging 84%, in general, felt that cannabis effectively managed their conditions.

The survey also revealed a staggering number of individuals who believe they might be living with a condition that may benefit from cannabis treatment, yet they haven’t been officially diagnosed – pointing towards the possibility of a further 4.03 million people who could potentially benefit from medical cannabis.

It is evident from this revolutionary study that the time has come for a significant shift in the UK’s approach to medical cannabis. The increased awareness and education about the benefits and legality of medical cannabis use could act as a game-changer, helping millions of suffering adults enjoy an improved quality of life. BRITISH CANNABIS™ stands committed to enabling this positive change.

Medical cannabis policy is a complicated and varied tapestry across the globe. With Ukraine on the brink of legalizing medical cannabis and industry experts predicting a surge in medical cannabis prescriptions in the UK, it’s clear that public awareness and understanding are more critical than ever.

No one should shy away from the help they need for fear of societal disillusionment or moral policing. Let us break the chains of stigma and empower the citizens with the knowledge to make informed choices about their health.

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