Mamedica Teams Up with Cantourage to Introduce First Custom-Branded Canadian THC-Heavy Cannabis Strains to the UK


It’s a groundbreaking moment for the UK’s nascent cannabis industry as Mamedica, the country’s up-and-coming medical cannabis clinic, collaborates with Cantourage UK to present its first-ever proprietary strains of cannabis. Already the top choice for patients seeking access, both present and future can now explore Mamedica’s exclusive branded cannabis flower.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mamedica partners with Cantourage to bring its first self-branded strains of THC-dominant Canadian cannabis to the UK.
  • The partnership grants patients an avenue to high-quality, non-irradiated medical cannabis flowers grown meticulously by Miracle Valley, Cantourage’s premium cultivation partner.
  • Mamedica data reveals an extraordinary 700% surge in patient numbers since 2023, underscoring public demand and awareness for medical cannabis.
  • The tie-up signifies a vital enhancement for the UK cannabis industry, expanding the selection of top-tier international medical cannabis products to patients in need.

Partnership Details

Cantourage UK has granted Mamedica access to Miracle Valley, a British Columbian-based licensed facility renowned for its craft-growing approach to producing prime medical cannabis under strictly regulated indoor conditions. This alliance provides patients suffering from a variety of health conditions with access to premium, THC-loaded, non-irradiated medical cannabis flowers.

Mamedica’s Growth

Experiencing exponential growth since its 2022 inception, Mamedica has consistently furnished its patients with unmatched access to a broad array of standout cannabis-based prescription drugs encompassing flower, tinctures, vape cartridges, and capsules. Proof of its rapid success and the growing public awareness and demand for medical cannabis, Mamedica has reported a jaw-dropping 700 per cent increase in patient numbers since early 2023, with a forecast of further growth into next year.

Statements from Mamedica and Cantourage

Jon Robson, CEO, and Founder of Mamedica highlighted, “The partnership with Miracle Valley denotes a key milestone for Mamedica. It promotes our agenda to broaden our services and ensures patients have access to superior quality medical cannabis products.”

Simultaneously, Cantourage UK’s Co-Founder and COO, Niall Ivers, expressed pride in their partnership, lauding Mamedica’s commitment to patients and Cantourage UK’s capability to rally diverse stakeholders.


This historic stride in the UK cannabis industry indicates a promising future for patients who rely on effective, safe, and high-quality cannabis treatments. With an unwavering commitment to user safety and satisfaction, this partnership between Mamedica, Cantourage, and Miracle Valley sets a new benchmark in providing transformative cannabis-based solutions to patients across a spectrum of health conditions. The growth and efforts of these organizations reinforce the importance of reliable medical cannabis access in a market ready for expansion and innovation.

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