UK Employers Currently in Hot Water for Ignoring Equality Act in Relation to Cannabis Prescription Patients

UK Employers are teetering on the edge of legality with the Equality Act because of their approach towards prescription cannabis patients, reveals a groundbreaking report from the Cannabis Industry Council (CIC).

Key Takeaways:

  • Employers who disregard necessary adaptations for prescription cannabis patients may be illegally violating the Equality Act.
  • The report from the Cannabis Industry Council accentuates the importance of treating cannabis prescription patients on par with all other patients requiring medication.
  • Employers could face the possibility of an employment tribunal for not upholding the workplace rights of workers who are prescription cannabis patients.

In the report, aptly titled ‘The Implementation of Prescription Cannabis at Work’, it’s underscored that it’s uncommon for employers to cater to the needs of prescription cannabis patients, many of whom suffer from chronic pain and disabilities. These patients, like anyone requiring medical adjustments, should not be overlooked and should be provided with suitable provisions according to the law.

The industry luminaries behind this report, Mohammad Wasway of The Sanskara Platform and Guy Coxall of Seed our Future, shared their concerns, shedding light upon the vexed patients who face the brunt of ill-treatment from their employers for taking prescription medication.

They implore corporations to be empathetic, and to initiate balanced and practical approaches that will elevate workforce welfare and efficiency. Benefiting not just the employees but the organizations as well.

Stepping in, CIC Standards Working Group Chair Elisabetta Faenza added: “The Cannabis Industry Council will collaborate with employers and unions to reinforce workplace rights for prescription cannabis patients, rooting this in law, medicine, and essential compassion. We need businesses to deliver on their promises of equality, diversity, and inclusivity.”

The report also serves as a guide to comprehend the medical facets enveloping prescription cannabis and recommends methods to manage the use by employees effectively. Easy-to-understand flowcharts and case studies have been incorporated to assist employers.

UK laws have permitted specialist doctors to prescribe cannabis medicines to patients since 2018, who can then lawfully possess and consume this medication. Employers who fall short in maintaining the workplace rights of these patients or those under consideration for employment could potentially face an employment tribunal.

The complete report can be accessed here.

What BRITISH CANNABIS™ has to say:

At BRITISH CANNABIS™, we stand with the Cannabis Industry Council, agreeing that all it takes is understanding, compassion, and practical legislation-driven approaches to ensure that prescription cannabis patients are treated fairly in their workplaces. Let’s normalize this conversation and dissolve the stigma surrounding medical cannabis use. It’s about time that we create a congenial environment for all workers, regardless of their medical conditions.

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