Groundbreaking Research Suggests Cannabis May Be The Key to Overcoming Long Covid Challenges

BRITISH CANNABIS brings you the latest breakthrough in the medicinal cannabis sector: the intriguing possibilities of cannabis as a feasible treatment for Long Covid. UK researchers suggest that there’s promising evidence hinting at the potential of cannabis-based products in combating the persistent symptoms of Long Covid, including sleep disorders, fatigue, anxiety, and pain.

Highlighted Insights

  • Millions suffering across the globe due to ongoing Long Covid symptoms.
  • Growing evidence supports cannabis-based treatments for conditions like chronic pain, anxiety and sleep disorders.
  • UK researchers, including those at Drug Science, recognize cannabis’s potential to mitigate symptoms in Long Covid patients.
  • Cannabis may potentially aid in cognitive performance enhancement and inflammation reduction.
  • Constant emphasis on the necessity of extensive research in this field.

Long Covid, the term for sustained symptoms or fresh symptoms surfacing at a minimum of eight weeks following an initial infection with Covid-19, remains a challenge disrupting the lives of millions. As per the Office for National Statistics (ONS), an estimated 2 million people in the UK reported experiencing Long Covid symptoms as of January 2023, impacting the daily lives of approximately 1.5 million of these individuals.

Long Covid’s manifestation can vary greatly among individuals, presenting an array of symptoms, with fatigue often topping the list, followed by attention difficulties, shortness of breath, muscle discomfort, sleep disruptions, depression, and anxiety.

Grounded on the expanding evidence pool supporting the use of cannabis-based remedies for conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep disorders, researchers are exploring its potential to offer some solace for Long Covid patients. The authors of a newly published review by Drug Science affirm this, pointing to ‘multiple lines of evidence’ that back the use of cannabis-based medicines in handling Long Covid.

Though current research doesn’t specifically explore cannabis’s impact on fatigue, a significant Long Covid symptom, observational studies have reported reductions in fatigue in conditions like fibromyalgia, where it is a common symptom, along with decreases in pain, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, and nausea.

What BRITISH CANNABIS has to say

In light of the latest research findings, we at British Cannabis underscore the value of extensive research into this promising field, including the study of real-world data together with randomised control trials (RCTs). The potential of cannabis-based medicinal products could be revolutionary for patients tackling Long Covid, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing fight against this global health challenge.

Dr Dani Gordon, an expert in integrative cannabinoid medicine, enhanced the discussion by sharing her experience in treating Long Covid and post-viral fatigue patients in her clinic. Underpinning the complexity of the condition, Dr. Gordon emphasized that cannabis is a personalised medicine for a disease that needs to be tailored to the patient, and hence it poses a challenge for conventional medicine.

Furthermore, she highlighted the urgent need for more therapies and research to advance our understanding of the complex and varied manifestations of this illness. At British Cannabis, we stand firm in our commitment to supporting progressive research in this vastly unexplored yet promising area of cannabis-based medicines, striving towards a healthier tomorrow for all.

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