Boost Your Runner’s High: How Adding Cannabis to Your Workout Routine May Elevate Fitness

Has it ever crossed your mind that cannabis could turn your runner’s high up a notch? According to new research, this might not be as far-fetched as it seems. The study reveals that incorporating cannabis into your fitness routine could help make the runner’s high even more exhilarating, as well as motivate you towards more frequent workouts.

Rather than adhering to the stereotype of the lazy stoner, this research shows a compelling connection between exercise, recovery, and the use of cannabis.

Many might find it surprising, but research shows that cannabis users are not averse to physical exertion. In fact, many are as, if not more, active than non-users. Leveraging these findings, scientists are exploring the potential effects of cannabis on exercise, a prospect that is promising and intriguing in equal measure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consuming cannabis preceding a workout could amplify a runner’s high and lead to more enjoyable experiences.
  • The research suggests that cannabis may encourage a greater commitment to and participation in physical activity.
  • The euphoria of a runner’s high may be more linked to the body’s natural endocannabinoids, rather than endorphins.

Cannabis Users Take the Track

The study focused on participants between 21-49 years of age, largely male and predominantly non-Hispanic White – all being active cannabis users. The average run length was a respectable 3.88 miles. But the most striking feature was the post-run reviews.

The runners reported “fewer negative effects” and a remarkable increase in “positive feelings”, illustrating amplified runner’s high symptoms. The relaxation, enjoyment and distraction provided by their “cannabis run” was apparent, alongside a significant drop in post-run discomfort.

What’s fascinating is that the level of ‘high’ experienced on these runs bore no correlation with their fitness experiences, suggesting a complex relationship between cannabis use and workout motivation.

Unleashing the Power of Endocannabinoids

Exploring this relationship further could fundamentally change the face of fitness. If cannabis can magnify the positivity, enjoyment, and distraction experienced during workouts and build a foundation for consistent exercise habits, we might be on the brink of a big breakthrough.

This could help explain why cannabis users, on average, have lower body mass indexes. They may not only meet the standard physical activity guidelines but could surpass them substantially.

Moreover, this study noted the crucial role of endocannabinoids in inducing the runner’s high. These naturally occurring substances have been linked to the euphoric feelings associated with exercise.

This echoes a recent study at Wayne State University which observed that acute workouts consistently escalated endocannabinoid levels in various exercise forms and even with pre-existing health conditions. This opens up the potential of associating the health benefits of exercise more with endocannabinoids than endorphins.


Research is hinting at the possibility of cannabis not only enhancing performance but also serving as a recovery aid. It seems we are on the precipice of a revolution in fitness. It is likely time to widen our understanding of natural alternatives that could redefine the world of exercise optimization. For those eager to push their fitness boundaries, incorporating cannabis might make the journey more enjoyable and gratifying.


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