Beyond Brexit and the CBD Industry – Ensuring Your CBD Products Will Still Be Available

Ensuring The UK CBD Industry Continues to Have Quality EU-Approved Cannabis Product Supply for Businesses and Their Consumers

We are not the first and certainly won’t be the last to ask the question “What does Brexit mean to the UK CBD industry?”.

If you are currently importing finished CBD products into the UK, have you considered what the new relationship between the UK and the EU could mean for your business and the CBD industry?

As a new month gets underway, following the official end of the UK being a part of the European Union this past Friday, the ongoing impact of trade-related decisions is going to be at the top of the list of issues for businesses. Boris Johnson’s position on trading with the EU was recently highlighted by a Telegraph article, with the Prime Minister reportedly commenting that ‘we are planning full checks on all EU imports – export declarations, security declarations, animal health checks and all supermarket goods to pass through border inspection posts.’

As the EU doesn’t yet have an integrated policy towards exporting CBD industry; instead, one would need to look at each member state individually to understand its own legal ‘interpretation’.

Even prior to Brexit finalising last Friday 31st January, transporting and importing CBD products across borders has often proved difficult with some authorities holding product for 6 months or more.

While Brexit could be a long term boost for the UK and it’s thriving CBD industry, Daniel Hounsham, of BRITISH CANNABIS®, commented “We require the UK government to be forward thinking and embrace the CBD industry”. Hounsham voiced concern that over-regulation or no-regulation are as bad as each other and that either could have “a catastrophic and irredeemable effect on market access to beneficial cannabinoids”.

BRITISH CANNABIS® have been an innovator in the supply of CBD ingredients across the UK, uniquely extracting from its facilities in Berkshire, so as not to rely on importing finished products from CBD manufactured abroad. They have recently announced an expansion of their farm development in Portugal to also include extraction capability.

David Ralson, Global Sales Manager at Canabidol® stated “Having the security and continuity of our manufacturer, British Cannabis, has enabled us to confidently approach the CBD industry without fear of supply issues in an uncertain landscape. As our own CBD extracts are made here in the UK (using EU-approved and EU-grown Cannabis Sativa L. only), we know that our brand and any other CBD brand made by British Cannabis will have the assurance of being available now and in the long term.”

Hounsham adds, “having control over our own CBD supply chain frees us and in turn our customers from concerns over long-term product availability. We have enough of our own raw Cannabis Sativa L. biomass to satisfy market demand until at least February 2021. This will ensure a continuous supply of innovative, compliant and naturally made CBD products, from THC-Free Distillate to Water Soluble Solutions, CBD cosmetics and tincture oils.”

For any questions surrounding the ongoing availability of hemp biomass before and after Brexit, get in touch with BRITISH CANNABIS® on or +44 (0) 203 965 2420.

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