Revolutionary ‘Living Soil’ Cannabis Now Sprouting in the UK Medical Market: What Should You Know?

Key Takeaways:

  • UK sees the burgeoning trend of ‘Living Soil’ cannabis, a more organic and natural approach to cultivation.
  • Critics insist that this method can produce higher-quality cannabis, with a superior profile of cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • A significant partnership between 4C labs and The Green Organic Dutchman Ltd. will propagate the use of Living Soil cannabis in the UK medical market.

The New Kid on the Block: ‘Living Soil’ Cannabis

Baffling growth conditions, perplexing nutrient needs, and a high susceptibility to diseases make cannabis a tough nut to crack for cultivators. Knowledge, skill, and sometimes even a touch of artistry are needed to tame this notoriously stubborn plant. But today, we break the news of a seismic shift in cultivation approaches hitting the UK’s shores – the introduction of ‘Living Soil’ cannabis in the medical market.

This ‘new kid on the block,’ effectually older than the most ancient tree you can think of, actually speaks of going back to nature and trusting in the age-old processes of the Earth. The ‘Living Soil’ technique, counter to traditional artificially nutrient-enhanced soil and hydroponics, breathes life into the soil itself by nourishing it with organic matter. A medley of microbes then steps in to break down this organic feed, providing critical nutrition to the cannabis plant.

The Case for ‘Living Soil’

Living Soil enthusiast and a leading provider in the UK, Felix Arkin from Dr Organics Living Soil, vehemently advocates for this approach. He criticises the rampant use of salt-based bottled nutrients, often filled with harmful additives, that are not only needlessly expensive but pose significant risks to consumers’ health. Felix emphasizes that “You can’t fill a plant with additives and growth regulators and other carcinogenic substances that the plant absorbs through the root system and then give it a bunch of water to ‘flush it out’, it doesn’t work like that.” These harmful elements stay entrapped in the plant, ultimately consumed by the end-users.

Felix, and numerous other ‘Living Soil’ proponents, profess that the cultivation method deeply impacts the final product. They argue that cannabis sprouted in organic living soil manifests better flavor, fragrance, and a superior range of terpenes and cannabinoids.


While there’s been recognition of ‘Living Soil’-grown cannabis in North America, it’s a novel entrant in the UK medical cannabis market. We’re elated about the recent alliance between 4C labs and the certified organic ‘Living Soil’ cannabis grower, The Green Organic Dutchman Ltd – a leap forward for our market. The partnership anticipates the annual generation of about 600 kg of ‘Living Soil’ flower for the next two years, exclusively available through Mamedica clinic.

James Smith, CRO of 4C, positively acknowledges the potency of the ‘Living Soil’ technique, reinforcing the belief that patients desire an organically grown product with a potential for a higher minor cannabinoids and terpenes level.

While there’s no denial that hydroponically grown cannabis serves a purpose, especially for patients with compromised immune systems, the advent of ‘Living Soil’ cannabis introduces a fresh wave of natural and organic methodologies that trust nature to know best. However, we’ll have to hold our horses to confirm if the ‘Living Soil’ approach truly lives up to all its hype. Watch this space as we bring you the latest updates on this exciting development.

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