Breakthrough on Horizon: NHS Greenlights Landmark Cannabis-Based Chronic Pain Trial

Ground-breaking news just in – a revolutionary cannabis-based chronic pain trial, not relating to cancer, has been given the nod by the NHS ethics committee. This pioneer of pharmaceutical research has dedicated itself not only to the cultivation and sale but also to the manufacture of these game-changing cannabis-based remedies. Now, the green light has been lit for its monumental trial, with a patient count that might swell to 5,000. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) had previously granted conditional approval. 
  • The NHS ethics committee requested a preliminary feasibility study, lasting three months, before formal commencement. 
  • The study showcased favourable outcomes in terms of quality of life and reduced opioid usage. 
  • Celadon, the pharmaceutical company, is set to widen UK market access for cannabis-based medicines. 

James Short, the CEO of Celadon, the company at the forefront of this innovative venture, jubilantly stated, “We’re thrilled that our clinical trial has garnered approval and the pivotal task of getting our medicine to patients can commence. Patient well-being is the bedrock of our operations at Celadon. The initial study shines a positive light on the quality of life improvement.” 

Celadon’s ground-breaking strides not only stand as one-of-a-kind in the UK but also monumentally pioneer the creation of a robust data set. This data will enhance medical blueprints for cannabis-based prescriptions and potentially grease the wheels for future reimbursement by the NHS and insurance bodies. 

What’s more, this breakthrough could swing the doors wide open for GP prescriptions, besides specialist ones. Charitable organisations could bolster the numbers by recruiting for the trial. Such pioneering strides could potentially increase accessibility to cannabis-based medicine, heralding a new era in the UK cannabis-medical domain. 

“Our unwavering goal remains the same – to break new ground in the UK market by bolstering the doctors’ trust in prescriptions. This allows us to generate a robust and unmatched UK data set for cannabis-based medicines. This push has been two years in the making, where we invested our time and resources in LVL and trial protocol,” added an elated Short. 

The exciting trial involves a nifty inhalation device linked to a mobile app, collating vital real-time patient data and ensuring a specified cannabis dosage at a pre-set temperature. This is guaranteed to be in line with the doctor’s prescription. The high-quality, consistent cannabis product enclosed in the cartridges adheres to GMP standards. As an added benefit, patients also gain 24/7 clinic access and guidance from LVL’s specialist pain doctors. 

What British Cannabis™ has to say: 

This development is casting a fresh light on the therapeutic and medicinal values of cannabis. At British Cannabis™, we appreciate and support the progress made in such rigorous clinical trials. Pioneers like Celadon are leading the race in widening the medical cannabis reach and ensuring its availability for chronic pain management. This is a significant stride for NHS and the UK medical market, and we are proud to stand in support of this progress. 

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