CanXChange Debuts Groundbreaking CX Financing Service, Resetting the Rules of Cannabis Financing

Behold the unveiling of CX Financing from CanXChange, a leading light in the global cannabis industry and European fintech giant. Designed to redefine the industry’s norms, this ground-breaking service provides unparalleled credit terms to its extensive network of clients and partners.

Key Takeaways:

  • CanXChange, a pioneer in cannabis fintech, launches revolutionary CX Financing
  • CX Financing offers exclusive, customised credit terms for businesses in the cannabis industry
  • CanXChange utilises advanced tech to offer fast access to funds, reduce paperwork and streamline processes

CanXChange, a prominent player in the cannabis business sector, continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering innovative solutions tailored to the evolving needs of cannabis businesses. Their latest offering, CX Financing, marks a significant leap forward in revolutionising the industry’s financing landscape.

Renowned as Europe’s leading B2B cannabis platform, CanXChange can be found at CEO and Co-founder, Alex Arkentis, elaborates on the unique features of CX Financing, stating, “With its distinct approach to structuring credit terms, CX Financing provides our partners and clients with the much-needed financial flexibility to navigate their cash flow challenges. This service offers competitive interest rates and tailored credit terms, enabling access to working capital without compromising financial health.”

Through its pioneering approach, CX Financing provides exclusive credit term facilities to buyers and sellers within the cannabis industry, positioning CanXChange as a trailblazer in fintech innovation. The streamlined platform reduces cumbersome paperwork and ensures instant access to funds through a comprehensive eligibility check, allowing for fast pay-outs and flexible repayment options at attractive rates.

Sellers benefit from leveraging buyers’ robust credit ratings, ensuring sustainable and hassle-free payment solutions that strengthen long-term financial prospects. Buyers, on the other hand, enjoy favourable credit terms, enhancing supply chain stability and fostering stronger supplier relationships. Furthermore, this contributes to elevating the supply chain’s ESG rating.

CFO and Co-founder, Sigfried Legeay, enthusiastically states, “With CX Financing, we are delighted to redefine the cannabis industry, expanding our impressive portfolio of innovation-driven services that empower clients and partners to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.”

Recognising the challenges faced by businesses in managing their receivables, CanXChange’s CX Financing aims to provide a seamless financing experience in response to these trials. Whether utilised to support growth, bridge cash flow disparities, or seize new business opportunities, CX Financing caters to businesses of all scales within the cannabis industry.

To learn more about CX Financing, check eligibility, or get in touch with a representative, visit or reach out via In addition, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the potential game-changing financial futures offered by CanXChange, the same organisation behind the leading B2B marketplace for industrial hemp, CBD, and medical cannabis. Their platform provides a robust infrastructure for seamless trading and transactions of primary ingredients and finished products globally. Secure, compliant products, payment solutions, data insights, and logistics support are all part of the package.

BRITISH CANNABIS™ is proud to have joined the CanXChange marketplace in the third quarter of 2023, offering an extensive portfolio of over 70 premium CBD supplements and cannabis cosmetics for international trading among fellow CanXChange members. Visit today and become a member to gain access to the range of BRITISH CANNABIS™ branded and white label products. Take advantage of prices designed to assist retailers in launching our brands at scale in markets worldwide.

What BRITISH CANNABIS™ has to say

The launch of CX Financing by CanXChange heralds a transformative shift in the cannabis industry. By offering innovative, tailor-made financing solutions, they have demonstrated a commitment to supporting their partners and clients in a dynamic and challenging financial terrain. It reflects a fresh approach and intelligence in understanding the needs of modern cannabis businesses.

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