Cantourage Forecasts Major Sales Upswing & Apollon Inks Crucial Licensing Deal – Here’s the Latest from MGC Pharma 

In an era of regulatory evolution and dynamic market fluctuations, Cantourage, a German-based Cannabinoid distributor, is sailing towards an anticipated ‘double-digit’ revenue peak. Through signing lucrative partnerships and kindling the flame of innovation, Cantourage is crafting its own fortune in the economic terrain. This article will not only sketch the lucrative promises brewing in Cantourage’s pot but also trace the recent ripples in Apollon Formularies’ licensing narrative and peek into the fiscal playground of MGC Pharmaceuticals. 

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Cantourage eyes ‘double-digit’ growth for its sales shade and envisions a break-even milestone at the EBITDA level for 2023. 
  1. Interim findings narrate nearly 90% growth story for Cantourage, counting around €11.1 million in sales. 
  1. Cantourage’s fiscal report card shows EBITDA profits of about €200,000 for the set period. 
  1. Apollon Formularies pencils a critical ‘exclusive license agreement’ milestone with PureCann, a medical cannabis torchbearer based in South Africa. 
  1. MGC Pharmaceuticals’ share price graph shows a northward curve post a £700,000 fundraising episode. 

Cantourage Forecasts Profitable Tide 

As 2023 approaches, Cantourage is hoping to catch a grand fiscal wave, predicting a significantly lucrative year. The company has already made its mark in the sales race, documenting a substantial hike of around 90% YoY, echoing the sentiment of its April-preliminary report eyeing a 95% sales upturn. 

CFO Bernd Fischer is looking at a future rich with opportunities, expecting their sales saga to scale higher and higher. Fischer voiced the company’s plans to ponder diverse financial pedagogies, such as capital market financing, to instill robustness for future growth, especially in a cannabis landscape that’s constantly transforming. 

Cantourage warmly embraced Germany’s fresh cannabis policy drafts, which propose to erase cannabis’s narcotic label – a move that potentially promises to revolutionize the country’s medical market. With a knack to meet stringent quality benchmarks, Cantourage is all set to service the hinted market demand increase. 

Affirming its preparedness to take the market shift bull by the horns, Cantourage’s recent update intelligently hints at its strong market ready stance. This position was further underlined with their July announcement of a new partnership chapter with Costa Canna. 

Apollon Formularies Inks Essential Licensing Deal 

Apollon Formularies recently popped a celebratory champagne to toast its latest jewel in the crown – an ‘exclusive license agreement’ with PureCann, a South African medical cannabis giant. This agreement earns Apollon a one-time £100K license fee as well as pockets them 6% royalties from the gross profit that PureCann pulls. 

MGC Pharmaceuticals’ Fiscal Bounce 

Nudging a financial bounce-back, post a significant fall in share prices, MGC Pharmaceuticals discloses a financial sun ray post their £700K fundraising announcement. 

What BRITISH CANNABIS has to say 

British Cannabis salutes Cantourage, Apollon Formularies, and MGC Pharmaceuticals for their recent strides that shine a spotlight on the encouraging progress within the medicinal cannabis industry. Their financial graphs coupled with their promising forecasts invoke a sense of excitement for the future of the industry amidst a fluid regulatory layout. 

To Sum Up 

Witnessing a captivating growth plot, the cannabis industry is serving investors and stakeholders a tray of interesting developments to watch. The key to sustaining and growing in this market lies in businesses’ acumen to adapt, innovate, and capture the market changes as opportunities. Cantourage, Apollon, and MGC have shown an exciting year so far. Their journey is a testament to the agility and adaptability of the medicinal cannabis industry in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape. 

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