Medical Cannabis Proves ‘Swift And Effective’ As Neuropathic Pain Solution — Study Reveals

In a ground-breaking revelation, a new study endorses medicinal cannabis as a swift, effective, and better-tolerated therapy for neuropathic pain as compared to traditional treatments. Surprisingly, the treatment’s side effects are fewer and milder.

The research, a collaborative effort between the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE Hamburg) in Germany and telemedicine giant, Algea Care, delves into the impact of cannabis therapy on patients suffering from persistent neuropathic pain. The compelling findings, featured in the international journal “Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids,” underline the compelling effects of cannabis treatment in 99 German patients ages 20 to 81 years.

In the spotlight for this path-breaking research were patients battling chronic pain treated by specialized doctors. Most of them consumed cannabis flower boasting a THC content of 12-22% with a daily limit of up to 1g.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cannabis exhibits efficacy in treating neuropathic pain and associated sleep disorders.
  • Rapid relief within weeks lasting until the end of the study period has been recorded.
  • Cannabis therapy was well tolerated, clocking a positive response from 91% of the surveyed patients.
  • Average pain scores witnessed a drastic decrease after cannabis treatment.
  • 90% of patients reported improvements in their well-being post the first follow-up consultation.

Here’s what BRITISH CANNABIS™ has to say about this breakthrough:

“We welcome these findings that serve to underline the impressive potential of medical cannabis. This research validates what we have been advocating, a shift in approach towards pain management and alternative natural solutions. The spotlight on the benefits of Medical Cannabis and its minimal side effects presents a compelling case for more comprehensive studies and wider acceptance amongst medical practitioners.”

Let’s delve deeper.

As per the survey, most patients were grappling with intense pain, recording an average ‘pain score’ of 7.5 out of a maximum of 10. Remarkably, after the first follow-up visit occurring within six weeks of the medicinal cannabis treatment’s start, there was a significant reduction in pain scores, plummeting to an average of 3.75.

Highlighting the broader impact of the therapy, 90% of the patients reported an improvement in their overall state at the first follow-up consultation. Impressively, as the study concluded, nearly all patients (99%) had reported an improvement at least once during the six-month period.

No grave side effects came to light during the study period. However, minor side effects such as dry mouth (5.4%), fatigue (4.8%) and increased appetite (2.7%) were reported by some patients.

This trailblazing study underscores the immense therapeutic potential of medicinal cannabis as an alternative treatment option with minimal side effects. Despite its legality in Germany since March 2017 and an estimated 250,000 prescriptions for a varied range of symptoms, the stigma surrounding the use of medical cannabis continues to persist.

Dr Julian Wichmann, Algea Care’s founder and CEO and integral part of the study’s design team, stated, “The results highlight that therapy with medical cannabis is not only effective, quick-acting with long-term positive effects, but also has significantly fewer side effects compared to conventional medicines.”

The revolutionary findings of this study further stress the need to destigmatise, explore, and tap into the efficacy of cannabis as a medical treatment option.

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