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Isabella Hartley

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Isabella Hartley is a distinguished figure in the world of cannabis research and advocacy, currently serving as a senior researcher and writer for BRITISH CANNABIS™, the largest manufacturer of CBD products in the UK.

Since joining the company in 2022, Isabella has been instrumental in reinforcing its status as the top destination for CBD Oil in the UK, thanks to her extensive research and insightful articles.

With a background steeped in both scientific inquiry and cultural studies, Isabella’s approach to cannabis research is holistic and multifaceted. She holds a degree in Botanical Sciences from a prestigious university, where her interest in medicinal plants first took root.

Post-graduation, Isabella’s fascination with cannabis as a cultural and social phenomenon led her to pursue a career that combined her scientific knowledge with her passion for societal impact studies.

At BRITISH CANNABIS™, Isabella’s role goes beyond mere research. She is a storyteller who weaves together data, personal narratives, and cultural trends to present a comprehensive picture of cannabis in contemporary society.

Her articles not only inform but also challenge and inspire, contributing significantly to the ongoing dialogue about cannabis legalization, its therapeutic potential, and societal acceptance.

Isabella’s expertise is not confined to her writing. She is a sought-after speaker at conferences and seminars, where she eloquently discusses the evolving legal landscapes, emerging market trends, and the potential of CBD in healthcare.

Her contributions in these forums have been pivotal in shaping public opinion and policy-making in the realm of cannabis.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Isabella is an active member of several advocacy groups, working tirelessly to promote informed understanding and responsible use of cannabis. Her work in these groups focuses on destigmatizing cannabis use and ensuring that accurate, research-based information is accessible to the public.

Isabella Hartley’s journey is one marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a deep commitment to societal well-being. Through her work, she continues to be a beacon of enlightenment in the often misunderstood world of cannabis.



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