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Ethan Greenleaf

Ethan Greenleaf

Writer And Editor for BRITISH CANNABIS™ News 



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Ethan Greenleaf’s journey to becoming a leading voice at BRITISH CANNABIS™ News, where he’s been weaving stories since 2022, is as rich and varied as the subjects he covers.

With a foundation in investigative reporting, Ethan has always been drawn to stories that sit at the intersection of public discourse and private lives.

His minor in Public Health isn’t just an academic credential; it’s a tribute to his late grandmother, whose struggles with chronic illness sparked his enduring interest in health policy and its real-world impacts.

At BRITISH CANNABIS™ News, Ethan combines his investigative rigour with a personal mission. He delves deep into the cannabis industry, not just covering its legislative and business developments, but also illuminating its public health implications.

His articles are more than just news; they are narratives that explore the evolving landscape of cannabis through the lens of those it affects most.

Ethan’s approach sets him apart. He doesn’t just report; he connects.

Whether it’s a piece on the latest cannabis legislation or an in-depth analysis of market trends, his writing resonates with a unique blend of professional insight and personal empathy.

For Ethan, every article is an opportunity to inform, engage, and sometimes challenge, his readers, staying true to his belief that good journalism doesn’t just report the news, it helps shape the conversation.



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