The UK’s Largest Supplier of Bulk CBD Cannabis Products

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The UK's Largest Supplier of EU Approved Cannabis Extracts

British made CBD bulk extracts produced from EU approved Cannabis sativa L. by the only large-scale producer in the UK.

Extracted in our British facility to the highest standards by our industry leading chemists and scientists, our proprietary extraction methods produce the highest potency extracts available in the UK. Developed specifically for use in CBD food supplements, CBD cosmetics and medicinal cannabis products that have been granted registration by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).





Driving Prices Lower

Our competitive pricing structure does not only make us more economical than purchasing from overseas, but also gives you the assurance and low risk domestic procurement option from a company that is on your doorstep.

From our registered facility in the UK, we can produce any type of extract to meet your needs. We are fully compliant with all legislatory requirements and work closely with the FSA, MHRA and other government departments, to ensure the products that you are using within your business meet the specifications required to be legally produced, used and sold by your business in the UK and Europe.

State of the Art Molecular Technology

Through our research and development of a pioneering new THC removal process, we have the technical abilities to not only extract every single plant compound from the cannabis plant, but we can also selectively remove any other unwanted compounds and impurities at a molecular level.

While this enables us to produce the cleanest, most pure extract to date, it also gives us the ability to produce standardised medical grade extracts that meet strict tolerances in their chemical composition, by deconstructing the plant chemicals one by one and reintroducing them at defined ratios.

Extracting is in our blood, through our continued development, investment and expansion of our extraction capabilities, we have solidified our position as the foremost experts on cannabis extractions in the UK.

The knowledge is not written for us, it’s written by us. We do this all day every day…that’s what give us our edge.

Increased Capacity for The Future

Following on from our continued investment and expansion of our extraction and processing facilities. We have increased our capacity to over 100kg of pure CBD per month. Due to the explosion of the UK CBD market and the issues surrounding imports from overseas, our position as a UK producer enables us to offer what no other company can.

Think you are buying from the UK? Think again. All the major CBD companies in the UK either buy from us, or their supply comes from outside the UK.

We are the only company that can guarantee no interruption to your supply, as a result of border restrictions or seizures that have crippled those that have sourced their bulk extract from other territories. Not only are we in the UK, but our industry beating prices makes it more economical than purchasing elsewhere.

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