Guide to Cannabis in EU FSA Novel Foods Update

The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis and Novel Foods 2019

Our customers and resellers have been asking for an update on the current status of CBD with the recent announcement on novel foods and in response to this I have put together a guide to cannabis with some details regarding the legality and definition of Cannabis under the Novel Food Regulation.

What you will learn in this guide to cannabis is:

  1. The novel food catalogue is not legally binding
  2. If it was not novel before, it can not be novel now
  3. CO2 and Ethanol Extractions are not novel
  4. Distillates are not novel
  5. Isolates could continue to be sold if on the market before 2018
  6. Any Enforcement is likely to be unlawful
  7. Guide to cannabis extracts are outside the scope of novel foods


The last 4 weeks have been yet another monumental challenge for the UK cannabis industry. It’s a case of history repeating itself, when the MHRA tried to impose a blanket ban on CBD back in 2016. The start of 2019 saw the updating of the novel food catalogue and our favourite tabloid the Daily Mail ran an article about an impending ban that sent shockwaves through the industry.

Just as in 2016 when the MHRA announced that all CBD would be classed as medicines, the CTA was formed and following a successful meeting with the regulatory authority, ensured that CBD could continue to be sold as a food supplement. The CTA has again stepped in to ensure that CBD can continue to be sold as a food supplement in parallel with medicines that have full market authorisation.

The task of dealing with the uncertainty in the industry has again been spearheaded by the association that has grown in this short space of time into the largest trade body of its type globally.

As a founder and director of the CTA and with my commercial experience in picking apart legislation, the task of addressing this issue has been a priority for me to address.

2019 was supposed to be the year I spent time on our farm, developing new strains in our new indoor growing facility and new state of the art greenhouse in Portugal.

While this is still going to plan it has been slightly interrupted with an unprecedented amount of additional work around novel food law, various meetings with the legal team, counsel and the directors of the CTA not to mention the hundreds of hours of research into the legalities around novel foods.

What I can tell you is I am confident in our position moving forwards. It’s my opinion that the legitimacy of cannabis extracts as food supplements is secure with the correct legal challenge and it’s an opinion shared by counsel.

With the CBD Expo days away and the office busy preparing for the show, I wanted to share my insights around the various aspects of novel foods. We still have a tremendous amount of work to do with the EFSA in Brussels and the FSA back home, but you can rest assured it’s progressing well.


All is explained in the white paper

Click here to view it now….

Novel Foods White Paper 2019 V1


Tom Whettem

CEO British Cannabis