The UK's Largest Supplier of EU Approved Cannabis Extracts

British made CBD bulk extracts produced from EU approved Cannabis Sativa L. by the only large-scale producer in the UK.

Extracted in our British facility to the highest standards by our industry leading chemists and scientists, our proprietary extraction methods produce the highest potency extracts available in the UK. Developed specifically for use in CBD food supplements, CBD cosmetics and medicinal Cannabis products that have been granted registration by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).





Important FSA Update for UK Sellers of CBD

We work closely with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the Novel Foods Department in particular. They are confident about the status of CBD and the Novel Foods issues concerning CBD. Europe’s largest hemp association, the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA UK) have confirmed that:

  1. All extracts must come from European strains of Industrial Hemp”
  2. “Where a process uses a selective extraction process to get to a CBD product, this will be where it is considered to be novel”

This means that if you are using extracts that do not come from European strains of Industrial Hemp, or where they are processed using a selective extraction method, they will not be permitted to be used in any food items or CBD supplements.

If you have any concerns about your current supply chain or your extract conforming to the new laws that can be enforced against your company from January 2018, contact us free for expert advice.

Industry Beating Pricing and Legally Compliant Products

CBD testing in flask

Our competitive pricing structure does not only make us more economical than purchasing from overseas, but also gives you the assurance and low risk domestic procurement option from a company that is on your doorstep.

From our registered facility in the UK, we can produce any type of extract to meet your needs. We are fully compliant with all legislatory requirements and work closely with the FSA, MHRA and other government departments, to ensure the products that you are using within your business meet the specifications required to be legally produced, used and sold by your business in the UK and Europe.

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